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Yoast SEO Premuim

It seems like there might be some confusion as of my last update in January 2023. As of that time, there wasn’t a specific “Yoast SEO Pro” version. Instead, Yoast offers a premium version called “Yoast SEO Premium.” This premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin comes with extra features like multiple focus keywords, content insights, and internal linking suggestions, offering more advanced tools for optimizing your WordPress site for search engines. For the latest information, it’s recommended to check the official Yoast website or the WordPress plugin repository.


$ 9,99

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  • Free New Version Lifetime On Single Purchase.
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • Price is in US dollars and included tax

Note: This version of Yoast Premium SEO Plugin is compatible with 7.4 PHP WordPress not compatible with 8.0 PHP WordPress

Yoast SEO Premium

Let’s have a closer look at Yoast SEO Premium

Find out how Yoast SEO Premium can help you compete and learn about all of the additional SEO features we add to your site!

     Create SEO-friendly content.

Get help with optimizing your posts for the desired keyphrases more easily. Yoast SEO Premium can recognize related keyphrases, synonyms of keyphrases, and different word forms of your keyphrases*. This lets you write more naturally and makes it easier to improve your content for audiences and the search engines.

* Available in English, Dutch, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Turkish, Norwegian, Slovak, Czech, Indonesian, Greek, and Japanese.

Save time and spot opportunities with Yoast SEO workouts

To get a healthy website that ranks well, you need to do SEO regularly. The Yoast SEO workouts guide you through important routine SEO tasks and helps you identify optimization opportunities, such as hard-to-find, unlinked content on your website.

Set up a solid internal linking structure

Create a site structure that your visitors and Google understands. With Yoast SEO Premium, you get powerful internal linking tools that tell you what and how to improve, from internal linking suggestions to ready-made blocks.


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